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Using The Dip Bars

The free hanging dip type of exercise is an excellent one for stimulating the “push” muscles of the upper body, specifically the chest, shoulders, and tricep muscles. Just like with the chest press or bench press exercise, there is scope for moving the focus onto either the pecs or the triceps via a change in form throughout the execution of the lift.

Dips are quite an easy type of workout. Utilizing a dip stand will indeed work you out as well as many other peices of weightlifting equipment in the gym. In fact, when it comes to the force on the muscles, dips are much like the bench press. For some reason, however, the bench press has taken all of the fame and glamor.

portable dip bars

Naturally, the bench press is an essential component of any excellent workout plan. However, it shouldn’t be looked at as a replacement for the dip, and vice versa. The dip offers a great exercise, challenging you to maintain good form throughout every inch of the movement.

The majority of weight lifting equipment and workout devices use up a lot of room. Many people need to devote a room in their home to their exercise routine. A dip station is the complete opposite and takes up very little space in a room and also can be portable.  Some of the best dip bars for the home will fold away taking as little space as possible.

Carrying out the chest dip with the arms flared outwards away from the upper body, while leaning the torso forwards, results in higher tension to the chest throughout the workout while minimizing tricep participation. If the chest dip is being carried out to target the chest then this type ought to be followed. To shift stress away from the chest and also onto the triceps, tuck the upper arms into the side of the torso while executing the dip, and make sure the upper body stays upright. This should be followed when working out the tricep muscles, and carrying out more of an arm exercise.

The totally free hanging dip which utilizes your bodyweight not appropriate for everyone, with beginners frequently lagging the level of strength needed to carry out the necessary variety of reps. There are a variety of alternatives offered for those who lack the sufficient strength needed. The first option is to use a dipping machine if there is such a machine situated at your gym.

The dipping device enables development with an incremental weight stack, providing the trainer with a method of working up to their bodyweight. When the dip can be carried out with a weight comparable body weight, the switch may be made to the totally free hanging dip.

One more possibility is the use of negative repetitions. This would involve only carrying out the lowering phrase of the dip in a slower and regulated manner utilizing bodyweight, whilst not carrying out the rising phrase. These are known as “negatives” and can drastically enhance strength.

The dip is a compound workout which appropriates for relatively low reps. Strength gains can be made with a repetition variety below 8 reps. Those who seek gains in muscle size would likely see best results with a repeating variety between 8 and 12 per set. Reps higher than 12 will aid in muscle endurance.


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